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3 Solutions for Your Breast Augmentation Recovery Concerns

Making the choice to have a breast augmentation is a big decision. For some of my Long Island patients, their greatest concerns are not about the procedure itself, but are about the recovery following the procedure. Fortunately, my patients can rest assured that today’s advanced techniques deliver a quick, comfortable … Continue reading

What Inspires Women to Have Plastic Surgery?

One of the best things about performing plastic surgery at my Long Island practice is that I get to experience my patients’ reactions when they see their final results. This instant of joy and excitement marks the end of a journey that, for most women, starts with a single “aha … Continue reading

New Treatment Options for Hair Loss

Hair transplant procedures have come a long way since the days of hair plugs, which often left patients with an appearance that looked like a doll’s head. The evolution of hair restoration treatments, including topical treatments, medications, and transplanting hair follicles in microscopic groupings, has reached a pinnacle with the … Continue reading

What Can Breast Implants Really Fix?

Women considering breast implants at my Long Island practice come to me with a variety of aesthetic concerns that go beyond having small breasts. Some want to correct asymmetry, while others with sagging breasts wonder whether implants can lift their position. Breast implants can take care of a number of concerns, but … Continue reading

My Take on the Best Breast Augmentation Incisions

A recent study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal had me thinking about breast augmentation incisions, a hot topic among most of the breast augmentation patients I see at my Long Island practice. The study evaluated the impact that endoscopy has on transaxillary incisions, which are in the underarm area. Endoscopy is a … Continue reading

Yet Another Good Use for Facelift Surgery

  Some patients considering a facelift at my Long Island practice are surprised by the level of customization that’s possible based on their specific needs. “Facelift” is really an umbrella term the covers a range of versatile techniques and procedures that can be tailored for different patients, all with the goal … Continue reading

Breast Lift: A Cosmetic Procedure on the Rise

During the past several years, I’ve seen a significant increase in the number of women who want breast lift surgery. This is a trend among plastic surgeons not just on Long Island, but nationwide, as well. According to statistical reports from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons®, the number of breast … Continue reading

Confidence: The Invisible Benefit of Cosmetic Surgery

A common and persistent misconception about cosmetic surgery is that people do it because they’re concerned about what others think of them. I think — and I bet other plastic surgeons in the Long Island area would agree — that most patients care more about what they think of themselves. I see … Continue reading

3 Tips for Easing Your Plastic Surgery Recovery

One of the most common concerns among all my plastic surgery patients is that the recovery period will be difficult or painful. Unfortunately, it’s a tradeoff; the healing process is a necessary part of the cosmetic transformation many people desire. To be honest, though, many of my Long Island plastic surgery patients … Continue reading

Refreshed in a Subtle Way: The Key to a Great Facelift

Although aesthetic trends come and go, men and women undergoing facelift surgery at my Long Island practice consistently use one phrase: “natural-looking.” Thanks to the incredible advancements in facelift techniques over the past several years, it’s easier than ever to give my patients the subtle, natural-looking results they want, rather than the … Continue reading

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