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How Your Breasts & Implants Change in Time: Part 3 of 3

People in their 50s and 60s, myself included, often enjoy traveling, finding new hobbies, and spending time with family and new grandchildren. This time in life also often enables you to focus on yourself, devoting newfound time to your own needs. For many of my patients, this means making lifestyle and … Continue reading

3 Ways to #LoveYourSkin

  One of my favorite parts of the spring season is seeing new flowers blooming and grass growing bright green. The feeling of renewal is all around us, and with that, I know many people are ready to give their appearances a little refreshing too. Whether they seek a nonsurgical … Continue reading

Our Current Newsletter

We’re Accepting Entries! Our #LoveYourSkin sweepstakes is in full swing and we don’t want you to miss your chance to win a $500 credit to our Long Island plastic surgery practice. Just for taking the time to enter, you’ll also receive a discount on your favorite injectable treatments like BOTOX® … Continue reading

How Your Breasts & Implants Change Over Time: Part 2 of 3

Transition, family, growth: all words I have heard my patients use to describe the changes they experience in their 30s and 40s. As a plastic surgeon here on Long Island, I aim to guide my patients through these changes with their health and beauty in mind. This is my second … Continue reading

How Your Breasts & Implants Change Over Time: Part 1 of 3  

How will I look in 10 years? Should I wait until after I have children? Will I have to replace my implants? As a plastic surgeon on Long Island, I’ve heard these questions from many of my patients considering breast augmentation and other breast surgeries. Although the questions are the same, the … Continue reading

2015’s Most Popular Beauty Blog Posts

Each month Dr. Romanelli takes the time to blog about treatments and procedures available right here at our Long Island plastic surgery practice. From dispelling myths to sharing details on common procedures, he enjoys educating his readers on the wide array of life-enhancing procedures available. Here’s a peek at the … Continue reading

Breast Reduction 101

Our Long Island breast reduction patients are some of our happiest patients because of the significant difference we make in their lives. Not only do they feel more confident after receiving the procedure, but the alleviated pain offers significant improvements as well. Once you’ve made the decision to look into … Continue reading

Finding Time for Breast Augmentation

For many of our breast augmentation patients on Long Island, the only barrier preventing them from scheduling surgery is timing. If this sounds like you, I can assure you you’re not alone. We understand how challenging it can be to fit the planning, actual surgery, and recovery process into a … Continue reading

3 Ways NeoGraft® Does More Than Restore Hair

Looks may be skin deep, but their effects can go much further. Our appearances don’t dictate who we are on the inside, but they are often responsible for the way we feel about ourselves and interact with others. As plastic surgeons on Long Island, Dr. Pincus and I often see … Continue reading

Enhance Your New Year’s Resolution!

Have you been thinking about doing a little something for yourself in the New Year? Around the beginning of the year, we see an increase in men and women seeking treatments and procedures at our Long Island plastic surgery practice they’ve been hoping to have for years. Why not make … Continue reading

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