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Dr. James Romanelli, Dr. David Pincus, and Dr. John Layliev make up the uniquely qualified team of plastic surgeons at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery.

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Post-Bariatric Surgery

By undergoing bariatric surgery, you're making an investment in your future health and well-being that will pay off in spades. Whether your bariatric surgery is already complete or still in the planning stages, you probably know that such rapid weight loss might leave your body in need of some contouring and toning beyond what you can achieve at the gym.

Long Island weight loss patients are wise to research their options for post-bariatric surgical procedures that enhance their bodies. Recovering from weight loss surgery and adjusting to a new lifestyle is challenging, and you deserve to have the figure you've worked hard to achieve.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. James Romanelli, Dr. David Pincus, or Dr. John Layliev or give our office a call at (631) 424-3600 to book an appointment.

Before & After Photos


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Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.
  • Abdominoplasty case #59 before photo
    Abdominoplasty case #59 after photo

    Case #59

    This 41-year-old mother of one child (by C-section) had a laparoscopic band procedure which helped her lose 85 pounds, but left her with excess abdominal skin. Interested in body contouring pr... View Case 

  • Abdominoplasty case #61 before photo
    Abdominoplasty case #61 after photo

    Case #61

    This active 33 year old woman lost 100 pounds following her gastric bypass, and came to our Long Island plastic surgery office looking for a tummy tuck.  She worked out regularly, although the... View Case 

The Consultation

Your experience at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery will begin with a confidential 1-on-1 consultation with Dr. James Romanelli, Dr. David Pincus, or Dr. John Layliev. Your surgeon will evaluate your medical history and discuss your goals and desired outcome for your surgery. Because post-bariatric surgery options encompass a wide range of procedures, your surgeon will work with you to develop a targeted plan that addresses the areas about which you're most concerned. For weight loss patients on Long Island, this may include one or more of the following procedures:

Dr. Romanelli, Dr. Pincus, or Dr. Layliev will perform a physical examination of the areas to be treated and provide a detailed explanation of the planned procedures. Your surgeon will discuss incision sites, the process of tissue removal, and your expected recovery and results. Your consultation is a great time to ask questions and speak candidly about your surgery. Honest communication between you and your surgeon is the best way to ensure beautiful results.

Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss on Long Island

The Procedure

Because your post-bariatric surgery will include a customized series of procedures, there is no universal approach. Your surgeon will discuss your specific procedure at length, including pre-op instructions and your expected recovery time.

Recovery & Results

The length of your recovery is largely determined by which procedures are included in your surgery. A brief hospital stay may be recommended in order to regulate this important stage of your recovery. You will be bandaged, and drains may be placed at the incision sites to minimize swelling and discomfort. These drains, along with any non-dissolvable sutures, will be removed about a week after your procedure.

Though mobility will be easier following the removal of excess skin and fat, it is important to limit your activities and follow your doctor's instructions while you rest and heal at home.

Due to the customized nature of post-bariatric surgery, your recovery time and results will vary. Prior to your surgery, your doctor will discuss the details specific to your procedure and give you instructions for aftercare.

Over time, your body will continue to age naturally, and some skin and muscle changes are expected. While fat cells that have been removed will not regenerate, the remaining fat cells can enlarge. It is important to keep a healthy diet and exercise regimen to maximize your results for life.

Common Questions

Who may have post-bariatric cosmetic surgery?

Adults who have undergone bariatric surgery and are left with excess loose skin as a result of rapid weight loss are the standard candidates for these procedures. Candidates should be in good health and be able to maintain their weight after surgery. It's important to notify your surgeon if you plan on becoming pregnant or having your bariatric surgery reversed after your cosmetic procedures.

What kind of results can I expect from post-bariatric cosmetic surgery?

Post-bariatric surgery encompasses a broad category of cosmetic procedures, and your results will be dependent on which procedures you've undergone. Your surgeon will tailor a surgical plan specific to your areas of concern. In general, you can expect a more toned and streamlined appearance of the areas you've targeted. For example, if you received an abdominoplasty, your abdomen will appear flatter and smoother. These procedures are not intended to be substitutes for proper diet and exercise. Be sure to follow the post-op instructions of both your bariatric surgeon and your plastic surgeon in order to maximize your results.

Is post-bariatric surgery painful?

Post-bariatric body contouring procedures are performed under general anesthesia. In many cases, you will be required to spend a night or 2 in the hospital during the recovery period. During this time, pain medication will be administered as needed. Your doctor will also prescribe oral pain medication to you when you go home. The amount of discomfort you experience depends on your own personal tolerance and the procedures performed. At your consultation, Dr. Romanelli, Dr. Pincus, or Dr. Layliev will discuss the discomfort typically associated with your selected procedures.

For answers to other common questions about post-bariatric surgery, visit our Post-Bariatric Surgery FAQ page.

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