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Mommy Makeover

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Dr. James Romanelli, Dr. David Pincus, and Dr. John Layliev make up the uniquely qualified team of plastic surgeons at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. James Romanelli Dr. David Pincus Dr. John Layliev

Mommy Makeover

As a mom, you've spent countless hours caring for your family and working to provide a supportive environment. While every sacrifice helps to keep your family healthy and happy, it's easy for your own needs to get a little sidetracked. If it feels like forever since you've been able to take care of yourself, it might be time to consider a mommy makeover on Long Island at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery. This personalized surgical procedure helps women nip and tuck those areas that could use a little attention, areas such as the stomach, hips, and breasts that have seen unwelcome changes following pregnancy and breastfeeding. Dr. Romanelli, Dr. Pincus, and Dr. Layliev create custom surgical plans for each of their mommy makeover patients.

To find out how a mommy makeover can improve your look, request your surgical consultation or call the Long Island cosmetic surgery office of Dr. James Romanelli, Dr. David Pincus, or Dr. John Layliev at (631) 424-3600.

Mommy Makeover Breast Surgery
Before & After Photos


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Mommy Makeover Breast Surgery
Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.
  • Mommy Makeover Breast Surgery case #18 before photo
    Mommy Makeover Breast Surgery case #18 after photo

    Case #18

    This busy mother of 4 young children from New York City came seeking breast augmentation on Long Island because pregnancies deflated her breasts.  She gained about 70 pounds during each pregnancy... View Case 

Mommy Makeover Candidates

Learn more about 3D Axis Breast ImagingMommy makeovers are popular with women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. This procedure may be right for you if you are a mother who is:

  • Not happy with the look of her body
  • Having trouble regaining her pre-pregnancy figure despite diet and exercise
  • In good shape and has realistic expectations

Because Dr. Romanelli, Dr. Pincus, or Dr. Layliev carefully tailor each mommy makeover procedure to the unique needs of the individual patient, practically any area of cosmetic concern can be addressed. Mommy makeover patients are often amazed by their improved look and feel, with many saying they have more energy to devote to their families and feel better about their appearance than they have in years.

The facts on breast enhancement

Before & After Mommy Makeover: Tummy Tuck


This 35-year-old woman came in for a mommy makeover to reshape her breasts, abdomen, and thighs after having 2 children. These pictures show her before and after a tummy tuck. Notice that her incision is hidden below her underwear. She also underwent breast augmentation and liposuction. For additional mommy makeover tummy tuck patient photos, visit our photo gallery.
*Your results may vary.

Your Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and motherhood affect each woman's body differently, which is why every mommy makeover our surgeons perform is unique. Some of the popular procedures include:

  • Tummy tuck is a top choice with most moms because the abdominal area is often impacted the most by pregnancies. The goal of this procedure is to restore firm, flat contours, a slimmer waist, and smooth skin. The surgeon may remove excess stretched skin (along with stretch marks), repair abdominal muscles, reshape the belly button, and revise a C-section scar.
  • Liposuction is excellent for reducing fat that has built up in specific areas such as the belly, hips, thighs, arms, and chin. Keep in mind, it is not meant to get you back to your pre-baby weight.
  • Breast augmentation helps moms restore breast size that is often lost after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Many moms take this opportunity to get the fuller breasts they've always wanted. We offer the latest options in silicone gel and saline breast implants to fulfill each patient's preferences.
  • Breast lift reshapes sagging, stretched breasts whether large or small. Enlarged, misshapen nipples may also be reshaped. While this procedure improves breast shape, it does not increase breast size. Moms often need a combination breast augmentation and lift to attain the full, shapely look they want.
  • Facial rejuvenation procedures such as eyelid surgery, a facelift, and injectables, while not as common as breast and body procedures, are the choice of some moms who want to look refreshed.

Dr. Romanelli, Dr. Pincus, or Dr. Layliev will evaluate the areas of your body that concern you and discuss your options in more detail during the consultation. The key is to give you a younger-looking and more toned physique so you don't have to choose between enjoying your family and enjoying your looks.

Recovery Steps

Because every mommy makeover is customized to each unique patient, the post-surgical instructions Dr. Romanelli, Dr. Pincus, and Dr. Layliev provide will vary from case to case. However, here is a rough outline of what to expect during the recovery period.

Immediately After Surgery

Dr. Romanelli, Dr. Pincus, and Dr. Layliev perform mommy makeovers with the patient under general anesthesia. After the surgery, the anesthetic medicines will begin to wear off. Patients generally feel groggy for a few hours. Our surgeons suggest that you have:

  • Reliable transportation after the procedure (you will not be able to drive yourself home).
  • A knowledgeable caregiver who can stay with you for at least the first 48 hours after you're sent home.
  • A telephone nearby that you can use to call if complications arise or you need assistance.

5 to 10 Days After Surgery

A friend, family member or loved one should be available to provide you with daily assistance during this period, and help care for your children if necessary. During this time you should refrain from:

  • Most physical activity, besides short walks around the house to keep your blood circulating. Especially avoid activities which require you to bend or stretch your body.
  • Picking things up from the ground and reaching behind your head, since both of these activities may place strain on your incisions. Before surgery, it may be helpful to move objects from places such as the ground or high shelves for easier access.
  • Having a busy schedule, which may cause you stress. This is important because your recovery needs to be both physically and emotionally comfortable.

2 Weeks After Surgery

During this period, most patients will be adding back in many of their common daily activities. Dr. Romanelli, Dr. Pincus, and Dr. Layliev recommend that, during this time, you:

  • Avoid strenuous physical activity such as heavy lifting and running.
  • Maintain a schedule in which you have more free time to relax and take care of yourself.
  • Begin gradually returning to daily tasks and activities.
  • Have friends, family, or other people you can contact easily if you want their help.

6 Weeks to 6 Months After Surgery

Even though this is a long time after the procedure, it is still very important to take care of yourself. Attend all follow-up appointments so Dr. Romanelli, Dr. Pincus, or Dr. Layliev can make sure you are healing correctly. Avoid exposing your scars to the sun, which can cause poor healing. By doing your part during the recovery period, your mommy makeover surgery will produce lasting and beautiful results.

Trust Our Surgeons

Dr. Romanelli, Dr. Pincus, and Dr. Layliev are highly trained plastic surgeons who have the skills and experience to safely and successfully perform your mommy makeover procedure, which may combine elements of body contouring, facial sculpting, or breast enhancement. Our patients are often surprised to learn how easily a surgical procedure can fit into their lifestyle.

Our surgeons place your safety above all other considerations, and are more than happy to take the time to address every one of your concerns. You'll never be pressured into surgery, and our surgeons will never recommend procedures that won't help you achieve your goals.

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