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Aging is a gradual process, but sometimes it seems like we get old overnight. You might notice it when looking at a family photo posted online, or during a teleconference at work. You might feel like your appearance doesn't match the youthful energy you feel. It's something we hear a lot from our facelift patients at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery on Long Island. Facelift surgery can create long-lasting results and take years off your appearance.

If you're considering facelift surgery in New York City or Long Island, request a free consultation online, or give our office a call at (631) 424-3600.

Before & After Facelift



This woman had a facelift and chin implant to rejuvenate her jawline, neck, and lower face. For additional facelift patient photos, visit our photo gallery.
*Your results may vary.

The Consultation

At your initial facelift consultation, you'll meet with Dr. Romanelli or Dr. Pincus to discuss the best ways to achieve the results you want. Your surgeon will review your medical history and ask questions to determine if a face lift is right for you. You may also discuss complementary procedures, such as a brow lift or eyelid surgery, that can be performed in conjunction with your face lift.

Dr. Romanelli or Dr. Pincus will also examine your face and describe in detail his personalized approach to your face lift, including the placement of the incisions, which are now generally much shorter than prior facelifts.

The Procedure

The anatomy and desired outcomes of each patient are as unique as their fingerprints. Your surgeon will develop a customized surgical plan for your procedure.

Generally, face lifts at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery are performed on an outpatient basis. We do have 2 overnight stay suites which can accommodate patients with private duty nursing. Our board-certified MD anesthesiologist will administer a light general anesthesia. The surgery usually takes about 2 hours.

Incisions are usually made at the hairline, extending from the front of your ear to behind the earlobe. The length of the incision depends on your specific needs. If you wish to alleviate a double chin, a small incision may be made in a discreet location under the chin. Excess tissue, fat, and skin are removed, muscles are tightened, and the remaining skin is re-draped to reveal a firmer, smoother face.

Traditional Facelift Incision
Limited Incision

Recovery & Results

Because of the customized nature of a face lift, recovery time can vary from patient to patient. Dr. Romanelli or Dr. Pincus will provide you with a personalized post-surgical plan to ensure your results are maximized.

After a face lift, some swelling and bruising are normal and usually diminish within 2 weeks of surgery. Numbness at the incision site is also common, but usually decreases in the coming weeks.

The discreet location of the incision sites leads to less visible scarring. Scars that are observable are usually easily covered with makeup. After a few months, the initial pink appearance of the scars typically fades to a less-noticeable white.

Though the face is still susceptible to the aging process after a face lift, your results can last for over a decade. Some patients may opt to maintain their new appearances with BOTOX® Cosmetic or other non-surgical procedures.

Common Questions

Is a face lift painful?

Many people are surprised to learn that few patients experience significant discomfort after a face lift. In the vast majority of cases, over-the-counter pain relievers are all that are needed to manage post-surgical pain.

Is 50 too young to get a face lift?

Not at all. We love doing facelifts on patients in the 40s and 50s. The benefit is that early signs of aging are reversed before they become more advanced. While many men and women in their 30s and 40s choose non-surgical cosmetic procedures to reduce signs of aging, patients younger than 50 who get face lifts often see better results that last longer. Often, younger facelift patients are more satisfied years after the procedure than patients over than 50. The lesson? Every person needs to make his or her own decision, no matter their age, after consulting with a plastic surgeon.

Why do some facelift patients look unnatural?

We've all seen photos of aging celebrities with skin pulled so tight it appears waxy. The cause is usually an attempt to eliminate all signs of aging – something that's unnatural. Also, techniques that pull the skin tight, rather than lifting and repositioning tissues, will produce a tight, windblown look. At Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery, we know how to achieve aesthetically pleasing results because we understand both the science and art of cosmetic surgery.

For more answers to other common questions about facelift surgery, visit our Facelift FAQ page.

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