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Breast Procedures

Breast Procedures

There is a lot more to breast enhancement on Long Island than breast enlargement. Other breast surgery procedures include breast lift and breast reduction. At Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery in Suffolk County, New York, Dr. James Romanelli and Dr. David Pincus perform a wide range of breast enhancement procedures for women from a variety of backgrounds and with a multitude of cosmetic goals.

Request your surgical consultation using our online form or call the office of Dr. James Romanelli and Dr. David Pincus now at (631) 424-3600.

Breast enhancement sometimes means bigger. But it also may mean higher, or smaller, or more even breasts. Or restoring a breast lost to cancer. Dr. Romanelli and Dr. Pincus perform breast reconstruction surgery, using implants, or the body's own tissue, for women who undergo mastectomy due to cancer. They also are experienced in the care of women whose breasts have developed with differences in size or shape.

Your ideal of fuller breasts with an increase in your cup size, or a breast lift to raise breasts, which have sagged due to weight loss, or pregnancy can become a reality with breast enhancement surgery on Long Island.

Learn more about 3D Axis Breast ImagingToo many women suffer daily from overly large breasts. Breast reduction may offer a long-lasting solution to the back pain, neck aches, and poor posture caused by heavy, pendulous breasts. Many women from Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan are delighted to be engaged in active, healthy lives because of the success of their procedures.

Dr. Romanelli is expertly qualified in breast augmentation and in breast reconstruction using both saline and silicone gel implants. His training includes experience with Dr. Frank Gerow and Dr. Thomas Cronin, the two inventors of the modern breast implant. Dr. Romanelli is an investigator in the use of 3 different silicone gel implant studies, and can help you choose the silicone or saline implant that best suits your need.

The facts on breast enhancement

You deserve to know your options and to share your goals with Dr. Romanelli or Dr. Pincus of Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery, serving Suffolk County, Nassau County, and other parts of Long Island and New York. Call (631) 424-3600 today or request your surgical consultation using our online form.

Learn more, visit our specialty website all about breast augmentation with implants or take a moment to view our photo gallery of before-and-after pictures.

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