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Body Procedures

Body Procedures

Here on Long Island, having a beautiful, toned, athletic figure is the ideal. Too bad working in New York interferes with working out, and fast food isn't also "fit food." It's hard to stay fit and slender in a meat and potatoes world.

Request your surgical consultation using our online form or call the office of Dr. James Romanelli and Dr. David Pincus now at (631) 424-3600.

Because Manhattan is the center of the fashion universe, living on Long Island means you are constantly bombarded by images of bodily perfection. Constantly comparing yourself to the most beautiful people in the world is no fun if you work out, eat well, and still don't see the results you want.

Perfect proportion is as much genetics as diet and exercise. And if you have your mother's hips or your grandmother's tummy, you can't change your family tree. But if runway models have genes on their side, you can have a great plastic surgeon on your side.

For the men and women from Manhattan, Queens and Long Island who have achieved major weight loss through diet and exercise, or with gastric bypass surgery, Dr. Romanelli is qualified and experienced in body lift surgery and post-bariatric surgery.

You deserve to know your body contouring options and to share your goals with Dr. Romanelli or Dr. Pincus of Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery, located in Huntington, New York. Call (631) 424-3600 today or request your surgical consultation using our online form.

Learn more about tummy tucks, body and arm lifts and liposuction on Long Island, by taking a moment to view our photo gallery of before and after pictures.

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