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Revision of Prior Breast Surgeries
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Revision of Prior Breast Surgeries

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Revision of Prior Breast Surgeries

Case #87 Details

Age: 33

At 33 years of age this Long Island professional came to me to correct the breast augmentation she had with another surgeon.  She felt her breasts were too low, and they were smaller than she wanted.  She had been told she “couldn’t go any larger.”

Looking at her it was apparent that her implants had bottomed out.  That is, they were too low relative to her nipples.  Her implants were already under the pectoral muscles, which was good.  I also felt she could go about a cup size larger if she desired.  Her initial implants were 339 ccs.  Together we chose 450 cc implants.

Her surgery required tightening the lower part of her breast skin, and using the larger implants.  Her recovery was easier than her first surgery (probably because the implants were already under the muscle) and she had no bruising.

On her post-operative results you can see that her breasts are fuller and higher.  What a great look!  She is happy with her size and shape.

If you are interested in learning more about breast augmentation, or correction of a prior breast surgery, call Dr. James Romanelli at our Huntington Long Island office to schedule your complimentary consultation today.  631-424-3600.

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