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Case #5 Details

Age: 22

At 22 years of age, this Suffolk County college student was referred to Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery by a few friends.  She told Dr. Romanelli she wanted liposuction to "reshape my butt" when she met with him at his Long Island office. This patient was thin, super active, and did not need to lose any weight.

Looking at her closely, she had a very feminine figure, with lots of curves.  But there was excess fat on the outer aspects of her thighs, which made her buttocks look wider than they were.  There was not enough definition between her buttocks and thighs.  And at the top of her thighs, there was excess thickness in the hip roll or "love handle" area.

In a 2-hour surgery, we reshaped her hip rolls, buttocks and thighs (both inner and outer), doing liposuction at our outpatient center, the Office Ambulatory Plastic Surgery facility, using general anesthesia.  She took the weekend off from work, and was back at classes on Monday.  Certainly there was some soreness, especially sitting down at first, but she recovered quickly.

Looking at the photos after surgery it is clear that her buttocks are well defined.  It is important with liposuction not to remove too much fat, to avoid leaving any hollows and deflating the buttocks.  Most of the liposculpture was around her buttocks.

She looks great in and out of her jeans, and still retains all her natural curves.

To learn more about liposuction at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery, give us a call at 631-424-3600.  Plan to visit our plastic surgery office on East Main Street in Huntington soon.

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