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Some of the earliest signs of aging are deep lines and wrinkles throughout the forehead and mouth and thin sagging skin around the jowls. Women and men seek a facelift at my Long Island practice to reduce these signs and restore youthful facial features. This woman consulted with me to understand the best method for eliminating the lines around her mouth and loose skin below her jaw that made her face look droopy and tired.

For this woman, I performed a facelift to remove excess skin, restore her jawline, and enhance the appearance of her facial skin. I believe that every face is unique, so I strive to perform facelift procedures that are tailored to each individual. Depending on the patient's needs and goals, I usually begin the incision at the hair line from the front of the ear to behind the earlobe. For patients desiring a neck or jawline enhancement, like this woman, an incision also may be necessary under the chin.

This woman is thrilled with the new appearance that she was able to achieve through cosmetic surgery. The "smile lines" around her mouth have been reduced, and she is most pleased by the greatly improved contour of her neck. Her chin and jaw are now more defined and she looks much more youthful.

To learn more about the benefits of a facelift, give us a call at 631-424-3600. Plan to visit our plastic surgery office on East Main Street in Huntington soon.

Surgeon: Dr. James N. Romanelli

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