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Breast Reconstruction
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Breast Reconstruction

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Breast Reconstruction

Case #56 Details

Age: 55

This woman was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent bilateral mastectomies a number of years ago. At the time she came to our Long Island office regarding breast reconstruction we knew that she would have much of the breast skin removed, which was typical at that time. Therefore, we planned to place tissue expanders (sterile surgical balloons) at the time of her mastectomy. They were filled in the office over several months, "regrowing" the skin she lost to her breast cancer surgery.The left-sided "before" pictures show her appearance after the tissue expanders were fully inflated. Shortly thereafter she had her second surgical procedure, which was done as an outpatient: removal of the tissue expanders, placement of silicone breast implants, and nipple areola reconstruction. Later, in the office, we tattooed the reconstructed nipples.Her after photos show excellent symmetry, and she can comfortably wear any style clothes. She is doing very well. Currently, for many patients, we can bypass the tissue expander phase, as long as the breast surgeon can safely preserve most of the skin of the breast.To learn more about breast reconstruction options on Long Island, give us a call at 631-424-3600.

Surgeon: Dr. James N. Romanelli

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