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Breast Reconstruction
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Breast Reconstruction

After Left TRAM
After Left TRAM

Breast Reconstruction

Case #50 Details

Age: 47

This professional Long Island woman came to us for Breast Reconstruction in Huntington immediately after her diagnosis of left breast cancer.  She was young, fit and healthy, and wanted a reconstruction to help her wear clothes and feel normal.

We talked about all of her options: tissue expanders, breast implants, and the use of her own tissue.  Examining this woman in our Long Island plastic surgery office we were able to determine that she had just enough excess abdominal skin and fat to allow us to rebuild her breast with at TRAM, or "Tummy Tuck" flap.

A patient must commit to a somewhat longer recovery in choosing the Tummy Tuck flap, and this mother of 2 was ready to commit.  She wanted to use her own tissue.  And for patients who are good candidates for the TRAM flap, it is a great option.

So while the breast surgeon removed the left breast tissue, and some skin, we fashioned a new breast from the lower abdominal skin and fat.  We then brought that tissue up to the left breast area, with the blood supply provided by her right rectus muscle:  the right abdominal muscle.  When she woke up she had a breast fully reconstructed, except for the nipple.

She stayed in Huntington Hospital only 3 nights after her surgery, less than the average 4- nights for a breast reconstruction using a TRAM flap.  The tummy tuck portion of her surgery hurt more than her chest, which is typical for this type of breast reconstruction.

Later on, as an outpatient surgery on Long Island, we did a nipple and areolar reconstruction.  That took no real recovery time, and she was quickly back managing her children and work.

To learn more about breast reconstruction on Long Island, give us a call at 631-424-3600.  Plan to visit our plastic surgery office on East Main Street in Huntington if we can be of help.

Surgeon: Dr. James N. Romanelli

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