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Breast Augmentation
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Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation Case #166

Case #166 Details

Age: 38
Gender: Female

This 38 year old make-up artist from New Jersey came to our Long Island practice to discuss correction to two prior breast augmentations. She had her first procedure more than 15 years prior, and another corrective procedure just 4 years ago. Still, she was unhappy with the results, understandably so. There was an obvious issue with one of her implants; it had clearly ‘bottomed out’ (a plastic surgery term describing what happens when the implant comes through the pocket that was created underneath the pectoralis muscle).

Upon examination, Dr. Romanelli confirmed that indeed, the implant needed revising. To insure a good result and minimize the risk of this happening again, he would use Alloderm or Strattice to hold the implant in place and diminish the appearance of a ‘double bubble’, another industry term used to describe the look of a bottomed out implant.

In surgery, Dr. Romanelli removed the implant in question, which was intact. The pocket that held it was modified and reinforced with a strip of Alloderm. Surgery was less than one hour.

The patients result speaks for itself! She is thrilled and as always, that is what makes us love what we do.

To learn more about revision of breast augmentation and other cosmetic procedures, call 631-424-3600. Visit our website at

Surgeon: Dr. James N. Romanelli

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