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Breast Asymmetry
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Breast Asymmetry

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Breast Asymmetry Case #155

Case #155 Details

Age: 29
Gender: Female

This 28 year old professional from Long Island came to our Huntington office to speak to Dr. Romanelli about breast reconstruction. In this case, the patient was born with an asymmetry, leaving one breast significantly smaller than the other. While a small asymmetry is common among women, a difference of a full cup size or more is often something that can be quite uncomfortable for women in terms of aesthetics. It is also a condition that warrants being called a reconstruction, as it is now up to the surgeon to match the breasts in size and shape as closely as possible.
Upon examination, Dr. Romanelli found the patient to be a good candidate for a bilateral breast augmentation with silicone implants with a left vertical breast lift. The patient wanted her end result size to be a bit larger and fuller than the left breast, but of course on BOTH sides. That would be accomplished by adding implants of different sizes to each breast. In addition, the left breast would require a mastopexy (lift) to achieve symmetry for the nipples on both sides.
Dr. Romanelli used a 425 cc silicone gel implant on the right side and a 200 cc implant on the left. The vertical lift was performed as well. The results are lovely. The patient is thrilled and in turn, we are too!
To learn more about breast reconstruction due to asymmetry, mastectomy or unsatisfactory prior reconstruction results, call us at 631-424-3600 or visit us online at

Surgeon: Dr. James N. Romanelli

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