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3 Things to Consider when Downsizing Your Implants

I have seen several women recently who are interested in exchanging their large breast implants for a smaller size. Many of them had their initial breast augmentation a decade or more ago when Baywatch was setting the standard. Now at a different stage of life and with more implant options, these women want to “downsize.” ┬áIf you’re thinking about going smaller, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • You may need a breast lift. Replacing a large implant with a smaller one may leave you with sagging skin, especially if it has been many years since your initial surgery.
  • Think carefully about the type of implant. There are more considerations than just the size of the implant and saline vs. silicone; there are different profiles and even shapes of implant which will also affect your outcome.
  • Ask about computer imaging. At my Long Island cosmetic surgery office, I use Axis 3D computer imaging to help women to make the most informed choice when changing their breast size.

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