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Dr. James Romanelli, Dr. David Pincus, and Dr. John Layliev make up the uniquely qualified team of plastic surgeons at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery.

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Mommy Makeover – Why Now is the Perfect Time

Many women find that their bodies change with motherhood. Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can take their toll on the body, and even the healthiest, fittest moms may struggle with sagging breasts and a lax abdomen. The mommy makeover, a popular procedure at our Long Island practice, is a customized procedure designed to restore those areas most affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding – the tummy and the breasts. If you have been thinking about a Mommy Makeover and wondering when would be the right time, the answer is now.

There are many advantages to having your plastic surgery done in the early spring, especially for moms. The kids are in school, which allows you more time to focus on your recovery and after care. The colder weather and bulkier clothes make it easier to keep your plastic surgery “under wraps,” if you wish. But perhaps the greatest motivator is that having your surgery now will give you ample time to recover before summertime.

Many of our Mommy Makeover patients report that they haven’t worn a bathing suit since their pre-pregnancy years. Imagine how much more enjoyable your family vacations will be when you feel confident swimming or playing in the water with your children. You will feel more self-assured in summer’s sundresses and tank tops, too, once you’ve gotten your more youthful, toned body back.

You have put others first for so long; it’s time to do something for yourself. Schedule your Mommy Makeover now, and prepare for the best summer yet.

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