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Mommy Makeover #1 Tummy Tucks

It’s official – tummy tucks are the #1 Mommy Makeover procedure at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery on Long Island. Every week another patient says “You’ve changed my life.” And that usually has to do with a tummy tuck.

No matter how diligent you are about your diet, no matter how much you exercise, when there is excess skin only a tummy tuck will correct the problem.

Just last week I saw a woman who worked as a fitness instructor and healthcare professional, but whose abdomen was stretched out after three children. She underwent an abdominoplasty at our Long Island plastic surgery office, staying overnight with a private duty nurse and she was back working within 10 days.

Since then she has rededicated herself to exercise and has been able to see dramatic improvements.

Pre-Op before Tummy TUck

Pre-Op before Tummy Tuck

Post Op after Tummy Tuck

Post Op after Tummy Tuck

And this woman illustrates one of the greatest secrets about happiness after a tummy tuck. Patients who become more fit after a tummy tuck are extremely happy. Just by exercising a little more (gaining some muscle mass or dropping body fat percentage a bit) you can ensure the best result possible. You are really leveraging the removal of skin and tightening of the abdominal wall in order to maximize your results.

So here is a late summer salute to the great moms who take care of their families and sacrifice so much time and energy to others! It is a great pleasure to get to know you. And a pleasure to help you achieve the body you deserve.

Next time: Mommy Makeover #2 Breast Augmentation.

Note: All photos used with written permission.

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