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Dr. James Romanelli, Dr. David Pincus, and Dr. John Layliev make up the uniquely qualified team of plastic surgeons at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery.

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How You Can Have #JustAHairMore

Learn about our the NeoGraft campaign offered at our plastic surgery practice on Long Island.

It may start with a receding hairline, or even just a few gray strands. Whether it’s over the course of a few years or a few decades, many people notice thinning hair, receding hair lines, and balding at some point in their lives. While previous hair growth shampoos and “plug” treatments didn’t quite have a stellar reputation, one treatment has revolutionized the hair restoration process, offering a permanent solution and natural-looking results. It’s called NeoGraft®, and we’re proud to offer the hair restoration treatment at our Long Island practice.

I’ve written a number of blog posts about this treatment, discussing everything from the treatment process to the impacts the treatment can have on more than your appearance. You can read these posts and more on the Hair Loss category page. But how exactly does the treatment work?

The science behind this treatment is exciting and innovative. It involves 2 separate segments: harvesting healthy hair follicles, and transplanting them to the new location on your head.

During the harvesting phase of your procedure, the handpiece removes healthy hair follicles from areas of dense hair growth around your head, in very small quantities (approximately 1 to 4 hairs at a time). Your in-person consultation will determine where that location is, but the precision of the device allows for careful removal of donor hairs that’s subtle enough to leave behind no visible evidence. The treatment tool moves quickly and strategically to ensure the follicles stay alive as long as possible.

Once enough follicles have been harvested, we’ll create micro incisions in the area to be treated, which will act as the recipient sites for those healthy follicles. These incisions are tiny and do not require any stitches or wraps. They’re placed at angles that mimic natural hair growth patterns. The healthy follicles will then be placed into those reception sites. By following the proper post-treatment regimen, these follicles will be able to establish themselves and develop in this new location as if they were there all along. You’ll notice improved results gradually emerge during the months following your treatment, as the hair grows, thickens, and develops.

The technology behind the treatment is backed by extensive research, and some exciting results.

Long Island Sweepstakes GiveawayIf you’re interested in receiving a NeoGraft hair restoration treatment, I encourage you to enter our #JustAHairMore sweepstakes. Now through September 30, 2016, we’re offering a $1,000 credit to our practice to use toward a NeoGraft treatment (or any other procedure of your choice). If you’re concerned about hair loss, we want to make this exciting enhancement possible for you.

To enter the campaign, visit our sweepstakes page and complete the entry form.

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