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Yet Another Good Use for Facelift Surgery

Facelifts Are Versatile, Says Long Island Specialist

Some patients considering a facelift at my Long Island practice are surprised by the level of customization that’s possible based on their specific needs. “Facelift” is really an umbrella term the covers a range of versatile techniques and procedures that can be tailored for different patients, all with the goal of streamlining the contours of the lower face and neck.

That versatility was highlighted in a recent  study exploring the ways facelift surgery can help men and women who have lost a massive amount of weight, either through bariatric surgery or lifestyle changes. The study, published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, found that facelift techniques can help massive weight loss patients who are left with excess skin sagging from the face and neck.

The study’s authors noted that even though “our understanding of facial aging is more evolved than our understanding of massive weight loss changes in the skin and soft tissue,” those changes are similar to what occurs in aging faces.

The study reported that weight loss patients did present some unique challenges, though, causing surgeons to use special techniques, including more modified facelift incisions and more fat grafting to augment areas such as the midface where loss of volume was noticeable.

This study illustrates that facelifts, which are typically thought of as anti-aging procedures, can be used for many other purposes. At my practice, for example, I sometimes recommend modified facelifts for younger people concerned about the contours of the neck and face. In fact, studies have shown that younger patients — people under 50 — are among the most satisfied with the results of surgical facial rejuvenation.

As you can see, the notion that a facelift is a one-size-fits-all procedure performed only after all other rejuvenation options have been exhausted isn’t accurate. The best way to learn if a facelift would be beneficial is to consult with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon.

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