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What Can Breast Implants Really Fix?

Your breast implant options at our New York practice

Women considering breast implants at my Long Island practice come to me with a variety of aesthetic concerns that go beyond having small breasts. Some want to correct asymmetry, while others with sagging breasts wonder whether implants can lift their position. Breast implants can take care of a number of concerns, but not everything. Here, I’ll address some of the top questions I hear from prospective breast augmentation patients and explain which issues breast implants can and can’t fix.

“Can breast implants fix asymmetry?” Yes.

Asymmetry caused by one breast being larger than the other is actually a major reason many women pursue breast augmentation. To resolve the issue, a plastic surgeon typically uses 2 implants of different sizes to even out the breasts and ensure they have similar shapes.

“Can breast implants fix sagging?” Not by themselves.

Unfortunately, breast implants alone can’t lift sagging or drooping breasts. However, it’s quite common to incorporate a breast lift into a breast augmentation surgery. The 2 procedures can be performed at once for a more comprehensive improvement than breast augmentation on its own.

“Can breast implants fix inverted nipples?” Yes, with a little help.

Occasionally, a minor case of nipple inversion can see improvement with the placement of implants. More significant inversion, however, can be further improved with a special incision made during breast augmentation. This incision cuts the fibers that are pulling on the inside of the nipple and causing it to turn inward. Typically, some sort of graft or suture is added to keep the nipple pointing outward. This is a relatively minor addition to a breast augmentation procedure that doesn’t add to the recovery time and has a big effect on the cosmetic results.

Although breast implants alone can’t fix every breast issue, a qualified breast surgery specialist can nearly always tweak his or her surgical plan to find a solution for every concern.

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