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How Your Breasts & Implants Change Over Time: Part 1 of 3  

Learn more about breast augmentation on Long Island.

How will I look in 10 years? Should I wait until after I have children? Will I have to replace my implants?

As a plastic surgeon on Long Island, I’ve heard these questions from many of my patients considering breast augmentation and other breast surgeries. Although the questions are the same, the answers are often different for different women. I am always honored when I can help my patients make the best choices for their own happiness, health, and well-being, and I’d like to do the same for you if you’re considering a change to your breasts.

This blog post is the first in a 3-part series in which I’ll discuss some of the major changes women experience with their breasts over their lifetimes, and specifically how those changes affect breast implants. I will also discuss the options available to help women achieve the breasts they desire, no matter their stage in life.

In this first post, let’s consider a woman in her 20s, a very common time to undergo breast surgeries. It’s important for younger patients to think about the long-term health of their breasts and implants.

Physical Development

Many women are surprised to know that their breasts can continue to grow and develop into their early 20s. At this time, many women are just getting comfortable in their bodies and realizing that they either love or are unsatisfied with their breasts. If they feel their breasts are too small or flat, they may choose to undergo breast augmentation, while others with overly large breasts may opt for breast reduction.

For women choosing breast augmentation: I cannot reiterate enough the importance of choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. It is also critical that you have confidence in your decision and that you are physically and emotionally prepared for the change. I have a number of blog posts about this topic, including this one discussing how women may know they’re ready for breast implants. Breast augmentation has a very high “worth it” rating on, showing how many women have been satisfied with their decisions to enhance their contours.

Visit Dr. Romanelli's RealSelf PageFor women choosing breast reduction: Living with large breasts can be very uncomfortable for many women. The extra weight can cause back and neck pain, difficulty exercising, and challenges finding comfortable clothing. But with more young women such as Ariel Winter openly discussing their satisfaction in undergoing breast reduction, many other women have begun to realize the options available to them. The treatment can have a major impact on physical and emotional health, and it also has a high “worth it” rating on, proving the relief and satisfaction so many people have found.

Changes in Lifestyle

For many of my Long Island breast augmentation patients, their 20s are a time of self-discovery. From discovering your career path, friends, and life partners to finding a lifestyle and routine that are right for you, you may undergo major changes at this time that affect your breast size and body shape. Because tissue in the breast is often the first to be lost or gained, this area can be more vulnerable to changes than other areas of the body.

Therefore, if you do choose to undergo breast augmentation or reduction, you should also be aware of the effects that the procedure will have on your body throughout these lifestyle adjustments. If you foresee changes such as a major shift in weight or pregnancy in your future, you should discuss them with your board-certified plastic surgeon before receiving a procedure.

In my next post, I’ll discuss how breasts and bodies change through women’s 30s and 40s, especially with pregnancy and nursing. We’ll also discuss some of the solutions women may choose to address these changes. Stay tuned to read more!

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