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Too Young for a Face Lift on Long Island?

For most women and men in their 30s, a face lift seems an "extreme" way to correct early signs of aging, but new "mini" face lift procedures are rapidly gaining ground with patients who want thorough correction for common signs of premature aging.

Huntington, New York (November 2009) – In the past, women and men in their 30s may have shied away from surgical face lifts as "too extreme" for their needs, but the recent upswing in minimally invasive procedures is sparking a new trend in surgical procedures for a much younger age bracket. Dr. James Romanelli, a board-certified plastic surgeon offering a range of face lift options for Long Island patients, explains the attraction of "mini lift" procedures.

"The upside of a mini lift procedure is that it can create substantial change without going overboard," he explains. "Women and men in their 30s and early 40s are definitely concerned with wrinkles and fine lines, but they want a solution that provides long-lasting improvement while keeping the changes subtle and natural."

While a traditional or "full" facelift involves adjustments to facial and neck muscles, skin, and fatty tissue, the mini lift uses smaller incisions and focuses on a select few problem areas. Older patients with more extensive wrinkles and facial folds are still better off choosing a full facelift on Long Island, but for younger women and men the "mini" procedure can be ideal.

"When people in their 30s are seeing noticeable signs of aging early on, it's because of a combination of highly individual factors like stress levels, health and beauty habits, and heredity," he explains. "A mini face lift can address the early signs in a very customized way."

Dr. Romanelli says that achieving significant results with a speedy recovery is a big part of the attraction of mini lifts and other focused procedures like eyelid surgery on Long Island, as many patients frustrated with the limitations of facial creams turn to these procedures as a more thorough and reliable alternative.

"Medically speaking, there's just no way a cream or topical treatment can get you the results of a genuine surgical face lift, and patients today recognize that," adds Dr. Romanelli. "Skin care is important for maintaining your results in the long term, but for sagginess and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth caused by repeated muscle movement, it's just not enough."

Younger patients also have many non-surgical options to choose from, including BOTOX® Cosmetic, chemical peels, and laser treatments. However, patients have to keep in mind that there is no "magic" combination of treatments that will produce great results in every case.

"Obviously, every patient wants a minimal-downtime procedure with great results – and for the right patient the mini face lift can definitely do that – but you have to choose a qualified doctor who can provide the right combination," he says. "A talented and trustworthy surgeon has a much better chance of giving you the kind of rejuvenation you want."

Discover your options for looking vibrant and refreshed when you share your needs with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Romanelli at his office conveniently located in Huntington, New York. Request your surgical consultation online or call (631) 424-3600 today.

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