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Plastic Surgeon Sees Trend Toward Smaller Implants

Dr. James N. Romanelli says he's noticed that more women coming to him for breast augmentation on Long Island are opting for small breast implants. He considers that this may be the beginning of a cultural swing away from more extreme enhancement.

Huntington, New York (February 2012) – Dr. James Romanelli of Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery says he's seeing an increasing preference for smaller, more subtle breast implants among patients who come to him for breast augmentation on Long Island.

Dr. Romanelli attributes this trend in his practice to a number of factors, including what might be a shift in popular culture that's creating a preference for smaller breasts. He notes the recent popularity of lesser-endowed actresses such as Rooney Mara, who starred in "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo."

"A number of people associate breast augmentation with a large breast size, but it appears that more women are opting for smaller breast implants on Long Island," Dr. Romanelli says. "They are seeing that surgical augmentation has the ability to shape and enhance their profiles without going to extremes."

He says many of his patients find that choosing smaller implants give their bodies a more balanced proportion while making it easier to exercise and shop for clothing.

"I've particularly noticed this trend among women who are extremely active and find that overly large breasts can be burdensome," he says. "More and more often, women are coming to my practice with pictures of small-breasted celebrities to give me examples of what they're looking for."

Dr. Romanelli says that for women who want a natural look following cosmetic surgery, smaller implants aren't the only way to achieve enhancement that complements their bodies.

"There are a number of options for creating the most natural-looking results," he says. "Choices of implant materials, placement and projection all help customize their surgeries to fit their exact needs."

Some women may choose additional procedures that complement their breast augmentation in order to achieve a more comprehensive change. For instance, many decide to combine breast enhancement with a tummy tuck and liposuction to restore their bodies following pregnancy, he says.

"Regardless of the procedure in question, there are many ways to personalize a patient's results," Dr. Romanelli says. "Everyone from liposuction patients to breast reconstruction patients in Long Island can take advantage of advances in procedural techniques to create beautiful results."

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