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Cosmetic Surgeons See Increase in Celebrity Liposuction

The Long Island plastic surgery specialists at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery discuss recent reports of celebrities undergoing liposuction and explain that using it to remove fat around the face can create a more youthful appearance.

Huntington, New York (February 2012) – The surgeons at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery have noticed an increase in the number of news reports about celebrities having liposuction. This comes as no surprise, they say, because they have seen a similar trend at their Long Island plastic surgery practice. With advances in procedural techniques, they say more people are turning to liposuction to contour their bodies.

Dr. James N. Romanelli, a board-certified plastic surgeon at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery, says celebrities aren't the only people taking advantage of this effective procedure.

"Recent news reports have talked about several celebrities who have allegedly undergone liposuction, but it's not just celebrities who are benefiting from it," Dr. Romanelli says. "Many of our patients turn to liposuction to remove excess pockets of fat for a more contoured and healthier appearance."

He says women who undergo breast augmentation on Long Island may also undergo liposuction to help achieve more comprehensive results.

"We often use liposuction to complement the effects of another cosmetic procedure," Dr. Romanelli says. "Whether it's performed alone or along with another procedure, liposuction helps people look and feel their best."

Dr. Dana Khuthaila, also a board-certified surgeon at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery, says patients are using liposuction in new ways.

"Recently, more patients who are considering liposuction on Long Island are asking about using it to sculpt the neck for a more defined jawline," Dr. Khuthaila says. "Although this is not the most common use for it, we can perform liposuction around the neck. This is a helpful solution, because it is especially difficult to remove fat from this area using only diet and exercise."

People often find that excess fat around the neck hides the natural contours of their faces and contributes to an aging appearance.

"Sometimes, patients who aren't ready for a facelift find they can benefit from liposuction around the jawline," Dr. Khuthaila says.

She recommends that anyone considering this procedure learn more about the options by consulting with a plastic surgeon who specializes in liposuction.

"The best way to determine which procedure will be most effective is through speaking with a qualified surgeon," she says.

To request your surgical consultation, just click, or call the office of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Romanelli now at (631) 424-3600.

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