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Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Suffolk County Bucks Plastic Surgery Trend

Despite a nationwide decline in the number of breast augmentations performed in 2009, Long Island plastic surgeon Dr. James Romanelli continues to perform an increasing number of breast enlargements at his practice.

Huntington, New York (April 2010) – Dr. James Romanelli, a breast augmentation surgeon in Suffolk County, says that he has seen an increase in the number of breast augmentation surgeries performed at his practice, in spite of a nationwide downward trend recently reported by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

"Based on what my practice is experiencing, interest in breast augmentation is actually stronger than ever," says Dr. Romanelli. "There are excellent reasons why breast enhancement is so popular, and I'm honored that so many women are choosing my practice for their procedure."

Dr. Romanelli, who performs a full spectrum of breast enhancements including breast implants on Long Island, says that he performed more breast augmentations than any other cosmetic procedure in 2009. In part, he attributes the rise to the very high number of word of mouth referrals he receives from past patients, but it also has to do with his practice's consistently strong standing in the local community.

"A big part of why women choose my practice is word of mouth," notes Dr. Romanelli. "I'm very involved in the local community, and I'm fortunate to have patients who speak highly of their results."

More women considering breast augmentation are opting to combine it with other cosmetic enhancements. In addition, women who have saline or prior-generation silicone implants are choosing Long Island breast augmentation to take advantage of newer silicone gel implant technology. The rising trend in post-pregnancy cosmetic surgery ("mommy makeovers") may also be prompting more women to seek out breast enhancement.

"Mommy makeovers may involve a lift along with the augmentation, and that combination poses additional challenges for the doctor," explains Dr. Romanelli. "Revision breast augmentation on Long Island is another example of a procedure that requires a highly skilled surgeon, and women seeking a revision procedure should choose their doctor carefully."

Dr. Romanelli expects to see many more women considering breast enlargement and other cosmetic surgery procedures over the coming year. "My philosophy of care is simple: provide a personal touch along with unparalleled results. I look forward to providing cosmetic enhancements and building more patient relationships in 2010."

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Romanelli will help you understand your choices clearly and decide on techniques and implant options that best fit your goals. You can request a surgical consultation with him or call his office at (631) 424-3600 to schedule your appointment.

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